Changing Nature

Changing Nature

Hosted by: Ria Mishaal

Do you long for a deeper connection to nature, and to play your part in protecting the life with which we share this earth? But feel lacking in time and knowledge, unsure of simple ways to forge a deeper...


The Quest for Sustainable Cut Flowers

Episode #5

Did you know that a bouquet of field-grown flowers from a small grower in the UK has a carbon footprint of only 5% that of the Dutch or Kenyan grown bouquet? In this episode I’m exploring the sustainability of cut...
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British Wildlife in June

Episode #4

The longer warmer days of June bring some wonderful animals and plants into view. Following our theme of connecting with nature in simple ways of looking, listening and feeling the nature around us, in this episode, I...
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Houseplant therapy: the benefits of houseplants

Episode #3

House plants have a significant positive impact on our mental health, improving our moods, reducing stress, and increasing productivity and concentration too. Throughout the COVID pandemic, with many of us confined to...
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Houseplant therapy: How to start your indoor jungle

Episode #2

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, research has shown that plants can positively impact human health most through well-being and productivity improvements. In this episode, My guest is Liv, co-owner of...
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How do we connect with nature?

Episode #1

In the first episode of Changing Nature, Ria Mishaal, a natural scientist, turned artist and photographer, explores the meaning behind connecting to nature and just how you can connect yourself to nature. Delving into...
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Welcome to Changing Nature

Season #1

Changing Nature is about having conversations around how to live a more nature connected, more environmentally conscious life, with optimism, with wonder and with joy. Join host Ria Mishaal, a natural scientist,...
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